The pastoral life in the school revolves around the House system. Every student is assigned to a House on joining the school. Each House fitted with all-weather AC has its own independent living space supervised by a Housemaster, usually a senior faculty member. The Housemaster is assisted by a Resident tutor, matron and a group of tutors working around the clock. The Housemaster being in charge of the house oversees the all-round development of the student. He is the first port of call for parents of that particular House.

The senior students are encouraged to mentor the new and junior students. Any form of bullying is strongly discouraged and attracts heavy penalties. The school boasts of healthy conventions, where in the old students welcome the new batch of students with social evenings and ensure that they take on to the school life without much missing. Every student is assigned to a student mentor for the first few weeks so as to familiarize with the school infrastructure, practices and ethos.


Each student is assigned to a House tutor, who acts as a local parent as well as the tutor. As a tutor, he/she is responsible for the students achievement in academics, sports or activities or any other co- curricular activity. For almost anything the tutor is the first point of contact for the student. The student gets to interact formally with his tutor twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday as well as during meals. It is compulsory for each tutor to take his group out for a night out as well as a day outing each term. This helps in creating a strong bond within the tutorial group.