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Neverskip is a key player in the Indian Smart Education market providing comprehensive digital solutions for the K12 segment.

As we turn the wheel of innovation every day, we come across a world that has an ever growing appetite for efficiency and innovation and the education sector is no exception to this. At Neverskip, we are cognizant of this and provide you with easy-to-use solutions that combine interactive displays with robust software solutions.

Every day, our innovative products and solutions touch the lives of several Indian private-school-going children, educators and parents. More than 1200+ of our partner schools, across a broad social, economic and geographical sectors use our products every day.

As the rest of the world takes lead in going digital and ensuring their processes are seamless and tracked real-time, we promise to be that go-to partner for everything smart and digital in the education business. Our bouquet of smart solutions is consistently reaching out to schools, teachers, and parents with innovative solutions leveraging the best of technology that brings the best outcome for students.

We strongly believe it takes "three to tango" (School-Student-Parent) and we work hard to be the most effective communication system between them. We hope to revolutionise and make communication seamless between stakeholders, increase the bandwidth of teachers by helping them focus only on knowledge sharing and relieve them of mundane administrative tasks.