CPWS takes pride in not only on being a Centre for Academic Excellence, but also for having a vibrant and diverse range of Co-curricular Activities, which engage students and give them the opportunity to discover new passions or pursue their own intellectual interests. Education must work towards creating, a caring and responsible society- which is why community service is an integral part of the curriculum. Adult literacy, fire-fighting, tree-planting, selling crafts for charity and a concern for the environment are some of the social initiatives that every student is involved in.

The list gives an indication of the many activities which take place at school. Although a Faculty member is responsible for each activity, the emphasis is very much on allowing pupils to generate the ideas and drive to make each Activity a success.

Deep Thinking Skills
This encourages a student to go beyond just the superficial meaning of the words and phrases in the subject and to delve into the deeper meaning, into the soul of the subject. This is a direct derivative of our immense success in coaching students to crack some of the toughest competitive exams on the planet! We know and understand how you ought to know and understand!!


Important not just because of fitness concerns but also because of the leadership skills and teamwork skills which the child learns as a result of indulging in these activities. Equal credence is given to both individual sports as well as to team sports.


Students are generally encouraged to take up one form of fine art or the other as it tends to create new synaptic linkages and raises the emotional and intelligence quotients of the child.


We provide an opportunity for students to work as a co-operative team in the mounting of at least one theatrical production per year. Students act, design, build, run lights, engineer sound and manage the entire process under the supervision of staff members who advise on the artistic and technical aspects of acting and production. Students also direct their own mini-productions, take theatre trips, and attend workshops.

Debating and Public Speaking

It is a great place for students to explore the art of “organized arguing.” Students in the debate club tend to enjoy discussing current issues and if they don’t already have a strong voice and good presentation skills, they will learn these abilities in a fun-filled and safe club environment.
Students learn to create factual/logical, ethical and emotional arguments to persuade others in the club that their “side” is correct. The club uses the formal debate format. The goal is to compete in tournaments with middle and high school students.


In the ever-growing world of knowledge today, it is necessary to keep in touch with the latest. Be it in the sphere of Science, Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Geography or new discoveries about historical facts, one needs to keep pace with all new areas of knowledge.

A student will be bound to nurture the habit of collecting knowledge from every possible source like newspapers, magazines, quiz books, knowledge-based T.V. channels and so on.