Primary Level :: Class I to Class V

  • A thematic approach is designed to stimulate the children through various interactive sessions and activities
  • An extensive use of teaching aids to supplement classroom teaching
  • Project works in class calls for mass participation
  • Field trips and excursions make learning fun
  • Use of the newspaper articles, quizzes, crosswords and other learning tools enhance general awareness

Middle Level :: Class VI to VIII

  • The emphasis is laid on building up the structured, student-centered and inquiry-based foundation laid at the Primary Level.
  • The curriculum is research oriented and learning opportunities are provided through worksheets in the classroom, laboratory time, library time, computer time and small group discussion time.
  • Personality development is stressed through development of academic knowledge, the ability to question, sensory experiences and a honing of creative expressions.
  • Emphasis is made on group work including story time, lecture demonstrations, large group discussions, conceptual explanations and goal setting.

Sr. Secondary Level :: Class IX to Class XII

  • The specialized program for this level strives to achieve a balance between academic excellence and the life outside the realms of scholastic aptitudes.
  • An equal stress is laid on preparing students for the prescribed CBSE syllabus and on preparing the students for the various competitive entrance examinations
  • Result oriented training is imparted by experienced professionals who target for total development and desired success